Friday, February 20, 2009

Week 3

So far, so good.

Moving along, we've been having quite a week in Animation club. As it's the last week to sign up for Siggraph - we've been rushing to make sure everyone is signed up. Looks like we'll have 7 students signing up, and more than likely, our school will have a booth, so 2 or 3 instructors.

After this craziness is over, we'll be looking towards getting started on ideas for short films for the loft and 11 second club. We also have in mind some upcoming events! Ad-Fed is hosting a Yard Sale at the school on March 7th, the Fine Arts club is working towards their Open Gallery on the 14th, as well as helping us plan for our April 2nd Game Day / Student Appreciation Day! We're throwing around the idea of a grilling theme - hamburgers and hot dogs!

The rate at which things are going, we're all going to be busy until Spring Break - but never too busy to keep you updated! Check back next week for more updates and specifics, or email us!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our second meeting!

Unfortunately, one of our members got sick and we didn't get a poster out about Animation Club reforming - so our meeting was quite small. We'll grow in time, I'm sure, but as of now, our newest member, Paloma, has been a part of Animation Club off and on as possible with her schedule (she's an illustration major!). Glad to have you Paloma!

We have a couple of upcoming events! The biggest and most pertinent of which, is signing up for SIGGRAPH in New Orleans! Sign up for Student Volunteer ends on February 24th, so if you're going, let us know!

The other events we've got cooking are still in the works, but the Interior Designers are working on a Yard Sale for March 7th, the Fine Arts club is a part of the Open Gallery event going on Saturday, March 14th, and we've got a tentative date of April 2nd for our Game Day! If you're interested in any of these events, feel free to
email us, or bookmark us, and visit next week for more information!

Next Meeting: Friday, 11-12pm

Bring: Make sure you have a signed form from the office saying you are a student! (That is if you're coming to Siggraph - if you're not - just bring your sketchbook!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Under New Management...

Hello, one and all to the official blog of the Animation Club for The Art Center Design College, Tucson Campus!

Animation club is, well, a club for those of us who like to see our pictures move and act on screen. Our original intent was to make short films and visit conventions - in fact, up until recently, we had been working on our short film "Phantom Thoughts", headed up by our President, Emmett Hamilton . Emmett was a fantastic leader; always encouraging everyone he encountered, and inspiring them to be something greater than what they were - pushing them to grow and change. Unfortunately, because of his upcoming graduation, he has resigned as President, and left the running of the club up to new, but hopefully just as able, members Eva and Auston.

We had our first official meeting on 2/6/09, and decided to change up a few things.
Animators helping Animators:
We wanted the new Animation club to be about teaching and helping each other, as we as doing a couple of group / club projects, such as participating in the 11 second club and occasionally submitting to larger festivals. Plus, who doesn't want some homework help?
Film Fests, Cons and Speakers
We want to travel! Face it, the real reason we got into animation is because we wanted get out and be somebody! So what a better way than with friends and fellow animators? We'll be doing multiple fundraiser events with the intent of working up enough cash to go to places like Siggraph, Motion, Comic-Con and the occasional First Friday Shorts at the Loft.

With a new purpose, new leadership, and big plans for the future, we implore you to look around, stay a while, and heck, maybe even bookmark us! We'll let you know what we're doing, what plans we have, and alert you to any upcoming events (Whether you're a current student, hopeful candidate, fellow animator, or just interested in local events)!

Next Meeting: Friday, in the bookstore, from 11 - 12 noon.

Bring: A smile!