Friday, March 13, 2009

Double post!

Making up for two weeks time, with this post!
Because we've been so busy with schoolwork, Animation Club has been formatted more like a class. Eva and I have decided to go ahead and try to enter for this month's 11 second club competition with a 2D animation! If you still want to enter, you've got plenty of time, but if you'd rather not, we're going to have a couple of things to do when Eva comes back from Mexico!

Other events going on this week involve the Open Gallery at our school, The Art Center Design College! Come and visit for free food and lots of well-crafted, hand-selected gallery worthy pieces.

We'll find out for sure about Siggraph in April, but things are looking good - we're getting word that the instructors we've used for reference have been contacted by Siggraph personnel, though they won't tell us any of the "classified" goods.

The Yard Sale on April 4th is moving along slowly, but surely, and Game Day is in the works, but still far enough out there in the distance that we're not worried.

Now, we won't be meeting on this Friday, as it's Spring Break, and Eva will be in Mexico, and I'll be in California, but the week after, we'll be back to our regular location, in the bookstore from 11-12pm.

That's a very brief summary, for sure, but if you have any questions about animation, joining, or even just keeping updated, EMAIL US!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phase 2!

We've all applied for Siggraph! YAY!

There's 7 of us total, applying to go from the Art Center. Wish us luck! As Siggraph goes through the applications, we'll let you know how things are looking.

Now, with that said, we move on to planning fund raising events, as well as some very promising ideas in terms of making revenue for the club, and getting our name, as well as our school's name, out there!

The Head of the Animation Department, Erik Westlund, has been keeping in close contact with both Eva and myself, guiding and helping as we need, as well as looking out for opportunities for us! He's got an idea for the local colleges and The Loft, of which details I am sworn to secrecy. Needless to say, if things go well, we could be in for quite a bit of Animating!

Eva, one of our co-presidents, came across a genius idea as well: she might be able to get us some freelance work down in Mexico! We just need keep in contact with the Art Center's Administration regarding legal issues and any possible hangups, but we're confidant that once we have everything sorted, we'll be knee deep in pseudo-studio work!

We've had a couple of hitches with the Ad-Fed's Yard Sale event, but it seems to have been put on the back-burner until further notice (We're shooting for April 4th). The Fine Art's Club has their Gallery Show next weekend on the 14th, and the Interior Designers have an event exclusive to their club this Saturday, the 7th.

Game Day is still a tentative April 2nd, but with all the things going on so far, that's been a benefit - if we had any MORE projects as we approach Spring Break, we'd need an on-campus therapist!